Kevin Green


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For many For many years Kevin Green has examined essential properties, effects and interactions of many electromagnetic spectrum sources via state-of-the-art sensors and computers for military and civilian applications.

As a computer and instrumentation specialist, data acquisition and trend analysis are his forte. While living near Cambridge, England Kevin also studied effective uses of traditional herbals, organic gardening techniques, animal husbandry, homeopathics, esoteric philosophy, metaphysics, spiritual re-connection methods and stress management skills.

Multidisciplinary skills gained over the past four decades eventually led to using SRC4U, BrainMaster Neurofeedback, Quantum Biofeedback, SCENAR, Ionic Water Spa, BioMat and Light Emitting Diode energy transfer techniques as a natural extension and culmination of his many interests.

Many of his clients are Healers and Caregivers who have forgotten to maintain their own energies. Favorite phrase, “Pray for Blessings, then DO SOMETHING!”